Nelson Ferreira


Nelson serves as our President and is an exceptional visionary. Nelson owns Ferreira Construction which is now a premier contractor in New Jersey, New York, Florida, California, and the New England Area.

With a vision for diversity and growth, Nelson has added to the Ferreira Family of Companies over the years. These additions include American Pile and Foundation, Ferreira Power West, Ferreira Power Group, Valiant Power Group, Vanguard Energy Partners, and most recently Patriot Line Clearing.

Nelson is at the core of Patriot Line Clearing, is responsible for the day to day operations, business development, market strategy, and growth of the company.

Nelson continues to lend his valuable insight and unparalleled leadership in the development of all companies.

Craig Strunk

Director of Operations

Craig Strunk served as our Director of Operations at Patriot Line Clearing. Craig has over 30 of experience in the Utility Line Clearance industry.

Craig’s focus is to implement the vision that Nelson has into everyday operations.

Craig places an emphasis on the safety of his men and brings a “do it right the first time” attitude to the job. He is a boots on the ground leader who demands quality on every job.

Here at Patriot Line Clearing, we know that safety begins from the top down and everyone at the company is responsible for safety on the job.